X Factor-style choice of Man of the Match for future England games

Beckham MOTM controversy

The only good news about this X-Factor story is Steve Bruce threatening to quit as a TV pundit because his choice of David Beckham as MOTM against Belarus caused so much controversy. Good riddance to him if it happens. Your average two-year-old could provide more sophisticated analysis than this dufus.

FIFA President not welcome in Blatterville

Sepp Blatter admits FIFA mishandled the seedings issue. So that’s alright then. Now he hopes to stay on as FIFA President after 2011 “otherwise I'll go back to my village”. A spokesman for Blatterville, a small town just south of Zurich, said “Honestly, we’d had enough of the guy back in his days as president of the World Society of Friends of Suspenders. His chairmanship of the Zurich Brown Shirts was no bed of roses either. Imagine the trouble that caused with, well, everyone.”

Possible African World Cup play off

Germany has been forced to change opponents for a World Cup warm up game because of a potential African World Cup play off. Here’s the full story from the BBC.

Michael Owen must score goals to have World Cup chance

And talking yourself up in the press is no substitute for scoring goals, argues The Guardian’s Paul Wilson.

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