World Cup 2010 stadiums update

More positive signs about World Cup preparations are emerging from South Africa as the draw for the finals approaches – and here are some pictures from Durban to give you a good idea of progress so far.

News conference at Soccer City stadium

A report in today’s Daily Telegraph quotes a senior official of the local organising committee as saying “A vast majority of the stadiums are either complete or nearly complete.”

Derek Blanckensee added “Everything is on track. There are one or two minor problems, but there were no alarm bells or anything major to worry about.”

Blanckensee was speaking after an inspection tour of five newly built stadiums and the upgraded Soccer City.

Pictures from The Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban

This stadium is generating a great deal of excitement in Durban. Karen Lotter of Vuvuzela South Africa has very kindly sent these pictures. Enjoy.


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Anonymous said...

Firstly I must say that I thought there no justification for South Africa hosting a football world cup, with other nations in Africa having a far longer and superior football tradition and record.

But will South Africa be ready? One wonders. Last Sunday watching the England vs South Africa one day cricket slogathon the connection both in sound and vision cut out for relatively long periods during the game. Granted in cricket that is not so crucial but imagine 3 or 4 five minute interuptions during a World Cup Semi-Final or the Final itself.
And nobody is saying a word. Why?

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