Hooligan debate in England and Italy

No one wants to take the blame and everyone else is wrong. That appears to be the mature assessment of the current hooligan debate which is dragging Fabio Capello into trouble with his countrymen in Italy.

New Zealand – Bahrain Asia/Oceania Inter-Continental Play-Off build up

You can see the dilemma the people behind New Zealand’s All Whites tag had when searching for a football nom de plume. The All Blacks, one of the most well known and historic team descriptions in sporting history, was already taken, and by a rugby side. That must have been irritating, although they probably kept quiet because you wouldn’t want to upset the All Blacks. That’s just asking for trouble. Anyway, the much-anticipated New Zealand – Bahrain Asia/Oceania Inter-Continental Play-Off for the Right to Be Officially Known as World Cup 2010 Whipping Boys second leg is nearly upon us. The first leg ended 0 – 0. Here’s how 3 News in New Zealand are looking forward to the match.

Cycling to the World Cup

More news now on the loon who is cycling from Norway to South Africa in aid of the Norwegian Refugee Council. In case you don’t know, Bjorn Heidenstrom is collecting shirts from football teams and fans along the way. His intention is to create the world’s biggest football shirt. If you’re in Spain next month try to say hello.

It’s child’s play for Maradona’s lawyers

And as Diego Maradona faces the possibility of a ban which could mean he is unable to coach cajole Argentina next summer, his lawyers are working overtime to get him off the hook – by describing his emotional state prior to the recent crucial qualifier against Uruguay. Saying someone was upset and hoping they get off works well for three-year-olds. It remains to be seen whether FIFA will see through this transparent ruse.

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