Ferguson unhappy about England friendly

Manchester United boss Alex Ferguson has picked on England’s forthcoming friendly against Brazil as part of his ongoing campaign to avoid talking about his side’s Premiership issues. First, a certain ref is called “unfit”. Then all of the major decisions go against United last weekend, even though Ferguson didn’t want to “take anything away” from Liverpool. And now the Doha friendly is more about money and a “nice day out”. He’s probably right about at least one of these, but the timing is suspicious. We’ve all known about this match for ages, so why draw attention to his frustrations on the eve of another Premiership weekend? Oh, I see.

The Steven Gerrard injury situation could be bad news for England and Liverpool. While other papers coyly talk about ‘surgery’, The Daily Mail’s headline explains exactly what that might mean for any of its readers who are perhaps slow on the uptake. Thanks, Daily Mail.

You’d think someone from the Southern hemisphere would know it is winter in South Africa when it is summer in the Northern hemisphere and vice versa. So perhaps this Aussie player might want to stock up on jumpers if his experience of playing in Hartlepool has taught him anything. It gets cold at night out there in South Africa, you wuss.

In 1981 the second leg of the European Cup semi final between Bayern Munich and Liverpool was given an extra special edge with the appearance of flyers telling the Germans how to get to Paris for the final. So the appearance of a special World Cup strip for France should be all the incentive the Irish need ahead of next month's play off games. For the record, Liverpool went through on away goals.

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