World Cup Bafana Bafana 2010 afternoon headlines

Since familiarity with Arabic, French or Egyptian is not my strong point I can’t claim to know what the equivalent of ‘finely balanced’ is in any of these languages. But I do know this phrase is bound to be on the lips of commentators as the African Group C clash between Egypt and Algeria approaches. Along with ‘on a knife edge’, ‘going to the wire’ and ‘anything can happen’, I imagine. Here’s the explanation why things are so tense in this group.

Taking a break from plotting the downfall of capitalism in Britain, here is The Morning Star talking up the chances of Arsenal full back Kieran Gibbs making the England squad for South Africa. I like the way the journalist admits Gibbs isn’t even first choice for his club but ploughs on to make his redundant point anyway. If I was clever I would point out the parallels between this style and that of the paper’s one – time owners, the Communist Party of Great Britain. But I’m not, so I’ll leave you to judge this for yourselves.

Comedian Lenny Bruce did and said a lot of things before his untimely death in 1966, but not even he could have foreseen one of his routines being repeated during the forthcoming World Cup. Noticing the growing use of entrapment by male police officers dressed up as women and sent out to find rapists, Bruce predicted the assailants would carry on anyway “because most of them are so hardcore”. It would be self-defeating and stupid, he believed. Which begs the question, have the people behind this idea really thought it through?

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