Future of England national side in doubt

Here’s a cheery thought: the commercial pressures on English Premier League sides mean they will continue to import players from abroad at the expense of homegrown talent. This trend will inevitably have a negative impact on the national side. South Africa 2010 is, in the words of this author, “our last real opportunity”. Oh.

The good news is Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti maintains John Terry and Frank Lampard will be fit and ready for this last hurrah. Leaving aside the thought that the Italian could hardly say anything else on the subject, I couldn’t help notice some omissions in this ESPN article. OK, Joe Cole gets a mention, and rightly so because a fit Cole is an absolute must for England next year. But what about his namesake Ashley? He might even play in the Consolation Cup against Bolton. Being ignored by your manager and forced to trot out for a few pointless passes and tackles are never good signs.

Talking of bad signs, just in case anyone was thinking of having a go because this blog recently made reference to Rio Ferdinand’s shaky start to the season, you need to know something – the bookies are on his case and they usually know a thing or two about these issues. So I’m not alone.

Atheists. They’re everywhere with their rationalistic non-superstitious superior view of the world. Why can’t they just accept the Earth was made in seven days and fossils are one of His favourite jokes? If God made atheists in his own image he’s probably quite annoyed now. Here they are banging on about cows.

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