Do you want to watch football in 3D?

Picture the scene. England have a free kick in the dying seconds of their World Cup semi final against Italy. Gerrard whips in a cross which evades the Italian defenders and falls to the feet of an unmarked Wayne Rooney. The tackles fly in but the Man United striker somehow manages to scoop the ball across the line. Cue bedlam as fans realise England are in the final. Then Rooney runs towards the camera and suddenly his Shrek-like features are emerging from the screen and you’re so terrified you run as if the hounds of Hell themselves are chasing you. That’s what might happen if you watch football in 3D. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

Who am I? I am an emerging superpower but my team is ranked No. 102 in the world, with the Cape Verde Islands and Estonia on either side. So I’m not happy. It’s time for a change, say the central leadership. I am China, and my football future is bleak.

What classic World Cup games would you like to see? I’ve put a YouTube button on the blog, which means I can change the footage depending on what you want to watch. Let me know what you think.

While there are still some World Cup qualification games to be played next month, most notably in Africa and Europe, the lucky qualifiers are already starting to show off in friendly matches. And here’s a list of what you can expect in November once the excitement over the New Zealand – Bahrain Asia/Oceania Inter-Continental Play-Off has died down:

Spain – Argentina

South Africa – Japan

Wales – Scotland

Slovakia – USA

Brazil – England

Germany – Chile

Italy – Netherlands

Netherlands – Paraguay

Austria – Spain

Denmark – USA

Korea Republic – Serbia

Italy – Sweden

Germany – Ivory Coast

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