Drooling idiots dropping pitchforks

In 1994 Gary Lineker included the acronym MAD in an Observer piece on Diego Armando Maradona. The Argentine No.10 should reverse the letters in his name, suggested Lineker, because he was quite possibly MAD. Here is a more balanced view of the man and the media context he operates in.

The US has apparently won the regional World Cup. Personally, I’m struggling with the concept of a regional World Cup but it’s evidently not an issue for some.

Given the choice, would you go for Rik Mayall’s “Noble England” or a ditty from a Cheshire housewife?

Oliver Kay wouldn’t take David Beckham to South Africa next year. If the hysterical over-reaction to Beckham’s cameo against Belarus is any guide, Kay may soon be forced into hiding to avoid a witch hunt led by drooling idiots forever dropping pitchforks because they lack opposable thumbs.

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wolvesheim said...

I confess I stayed up, fuelled by jugs of Carte Noir to watch Argentina scrap past Uruguay and I was left wondering how Maradona could have created such a non-descript team from players of the quality of Messi, Heinze et al.

Is Maradona resentful of Messi's talents for he is using him like one of Cantona's famed "water carriers" or is Maradona's drive, his bronca, which means he perceives slights at 50 yards whispering too loudly in his ear?

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