Alien life forms hail success of Ukraine - England internet game fiasco

Aside from ensuring automatic qualification Denmark’s victory over Sweden on Saturday has had another almost certainly unintended side-effect: we now know the Danish team is full of criminals, thanks to The Copenhagen Post online. Still, at least coach Morten Olsen can now rest some of his “banged up” players.

If this is how the press in Brazil behave, God only knows what they will ask coach Dunga after his team lost to Bolivia.

Germany has already chosen a South African base now qualification is assured after Saturday’s win against Russia. Amazingly, it is nowhere near a beach, something FIFA.com inexplicably fails to pick up on.

As Maradona lives to fight another day, the Argentinean media asks “Who will save us on Wednesday?”

And the alien life forms behind the England – Ukraine internet game fiasco have described persuading somewhere between 300,000 and 500,000 muppets to crowd around their laptops in groups of one as “extremely successful”. They were supposed to get a million, a figure the BBC’s highlights programme easily beat, according to The Guardian. I can’t repeat that enough.

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