Maradona in trouble after outburst

While South Africa’s current form doesn’t augur well, surely they have better things to worry about than pitching bagels? Not according to American writer Mark C Young of mlsnet.com.

As might be expected, North Korea’s manager has a neat line in Stalinist footy speak. Here he tells the main FIFA website about his team’s fervent opposition to capitalist pig dogs and freedom of expression while keeping silent on the merits or otherwise of the diamond formation.

The Republic of Ireland is in the “other” group for Monday’s play off draw. Now there’s a surprise. They lost one game, while top seeds Portugal, France, Russia and Greece didn’t lose any of their qualifiers. Sorry, my mistake, it’s the other way round. You can see how FIFA get confused.

And talking of surprises, Diego Maradona’s mouth looks like getting him into trouble again. Have a great weekend.

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