This weekend’s World Cup qualifiers

By Sunday morning we could know the names of up to nine additional qualifiers from around the world. Here are some of the possibilities:


Group 1

Denmark will qualify automatically if they beat Sweden. If Portugal - Hungary is a draw, a similar result will be enough for the Danes.

Group 2

Switzerland are expected to beat Luxembourg and secure at least a play off place. If Greece - Latvia is a draw, the Swiss won’t have to play one of the top seeds after all.

Group 3

Northern Ireland needs a miracle. Or if you prefer less medieval language, they must beat the Czechs in Prague and hope Slovenia lose their last two games, one of which is against San Marino. It isn’t going to happen.

Group 4

It’s the Russia – Germany show and has been since this group kicked off. Whoever wins when the two meet in Moscow tomorrow should qualify automatically. Draw and both need to win their last games next Wednesday.

Group 5

Spain has already qualified, leaving Bosnia and Turkey chasing a play off place. A Bosnian victory over Estonia will seal the deal for them.

Group 6

Ukraine and Croatia struggle on while we dream of Table Mountain, Rorke’s Drift and warm Indian Ocean beaches.

Group 7

If the Serbs beat Rumania on Saturday, the best the French can hope for is a play off place.

Group 8

Ireland must beat Italy to stand any chance of qualifying automatically.

Group 9

The Dutch qualified ages ago and this group won’t even provide a play off contender. Don’t know why I even bothered mentioning it.

South America

Four teams qualify automatically, with the fifth placed team facing a play off against the fourth team from the North, Central America and Caribbean group.

Brazil and Paraguay have already qualified. Chile can secure automatic qualification with victories over either Colombia or Ecuador. It’s do or die for Argentina, who must beat Peru on Saturday and Uruguay next Wednesday, while hoping Ecuador lose both of their remaining games.

North, Central America and Caribbean

Three teams qualify automatically, with the fourth placed team taking on the fifth team from South America. Beat Honduras and the US will be through. Mexico will also qualify if Costa Rica draw or lose either of their remaining two games.


Cameroon, Tunisia, Algeria and the Ivory Coast are all well placed to wrap up their groups. Ghana has already qualified.

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