Blatter takes aim at World Cup doom mongers

Sepp Blatter has called for the media to think positively about the World Cup in South Africa as yet another FIFA event is plagued by questions about security and crime in 2010.

According to worldfootballinsider.com a visibly irritated FIFA President was once again forced to answer questions on a topic he clearly has little time for.

“Please support us by saying let’s go there and trust the South Africans and South Africa,” he said.

“They are ready to organize the game and your security. But 100 percent security you will never find it anywhere in the world.”

Blatter cited the successful Confederations Cup and the country’s staging of rugby and cricket World Cups and other international events as evidence that South African law enforcement organisations can cope.

“There was not one single incident in security [at the Confederations Cup] and still questions are coming ‘what about security’.”

Security isn’t the real point, says worldfootballinsider.com. No-one doubts “there will be high-level security in and around the 10 stadia in nine host cities. The problem lies in ensuring the safety of the 450,000 visitors expected to attend matches.”

Blatter was speaking at the launch of the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour. The solid-gold trophy will soon embark on its longest ever global tour, visiting 86 countries during a 225-day journey.

This excellent initiative is designed to “allow thousands of fans to enjoy a close-up view of football’s greatest prize.”

What a shame they ruined the idea by getting a well-known fizzy drink company involved.

Their spokesman said “Our programs to support the 2010 FIFA World Cup, such as the Trophy Tour, will leave a lifelong impression on consumers that helps to reinforce loyalty and preference for our business and our brands.”

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