Giant 3D screens await World Cup fans in England

If you can’t go to the World Cup the next best thing might be watching games on digital 3D screens at the cinema.

A company called Cineworld is planning to roll out live 3D coverage of World Cup matches from next year's tournament in selected cinemas.

The screens boast images twice as sharp as a high-definition Blu-ray disc and can broadcast live TV footage in 3D, as long as viewers wear the standard-issue bulky 3D glasses.

The News of the World report says Cineworld is experimenting with brand new digital projectors that were installed in its cinemas last January.

“The technology needed to make this work fully is still in development but it will be operational by the time tournament begins on June 11 next year,” says the report.

It quotes an insider saying “For all the fans who can't make it out to South Africa, this will be the next best thing to being there. With the right camera angles it could look as if the players are kicking the ball out into the middle of the audience.”

I’ll believe it when I 3D it.

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