No pre-tournament party for Capello’s England

In another welcome move England players have reportedly cancelled their pre-World Cup party, according to one of today’s papers.

The news follows a crackdown on the WAGs, the wives and girlfriends who traditionally accompany players during the tournament.

According to The Times the days of David Beckham hosting lavish parties at “Beckingham Palace” in Hertfordshire are over.

The paper says that “will be very welcome news for Capello. The England manager dislikes extracurricular distractions, with the players spending far more time in their hotel rooms while on international duty under the disciplinarian.”

Capello has already said he will “limit the number of visits from the WAGs in South Africa next summer.”

“We are there to play football, not for a holiday,” Capello said.

The only risk now is the trouble the WAGs might get up to if left unattended. At least the players distracted their attention; left to their own devices, the shopping and partying junkies might actually cause more off-field problems.

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Everton Mike said...

The fact that England's players were even considering staging a PRE tournament party shows they may still have a long way to go. They need to drop the idea of being rich playboys on a luxury holiday and start behaving like professionals with a job to do.

I can't see why anyone would have a party before a competion and I am struggling to think of any other team to have staged one. I am sure if any Man Utd player suggested the idea he would be told to 'go away' in authentic Glaswegian by the demi-god of Old Trafford.

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