Cyberpolice to track 2010 World Cup ticket fraudsters

A crack team of cyberpolice from New Scotland Yard is hunting down ticket fraudsters intent on ripping fans off.

According to The Times the London-based e-Crime Unit may have already “helped to save tens of thousands of football fans from being duped into buying bogus tickets for the 2010 World Cup finals.”

The unit has apparently tracked down and closed more than 100 sites, with as many as 20 based in Britain.

England fans have already bought approximately 43,000 tickets and demand is expected to be high when the next batches go on sale.

Some of these buyers may well be fraudsters, which is where New Scotland Yard comes in.

“Once they have tracked a site, the e-Crime Unit alerts police and authorities in other countries to go after the fraudsters by having the sites shut down.”

Unfortunately, some of these sites may go unnoticed. So if you’re going to South Africa make sure you only buy from authorised companies selling official tour packages or tickets.

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