Macedonia, Norway, Iceland and Scotland - thank God they aren't horses

Looking ahead to World Cup qualifiers in September – Part 9

Europe: Group Nine

Take out the Dutch and you’re left with four mediocre teams who between them have scored 20 goals and conceded 34 in 25 games. Putting this in perspective, the already qualified Holland have scored 16 and conceded just two in their seven games.

I think I can say without fear of exaggeration or censure that this is probably the worst group in Europe. No-one would be surprised if this group failed to provide a contender for one of the runners up spots. Collectively and individually, Macedonia, Scotland, Norway and Iceland are so poor that if they were horses someone would have shot them by now.

Forthcoming fixtures (if you insist):

September 5th

Scotland - FYR Macedonia

Iceland - Norway

September 9th

Norway - FYR Macedonia

Scotland - Netherlands

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