Tips on how to keep fans happy during the World Cup

An ex-South Africa player says fans need beer, food and TV screens to enjoy the World Cup.

Former Bafana Bafana striker George Dearnaley told South African newspaper Cape Argus “Football fans are not after sophisticated food and fancy establishments. Pub, bar owners and anyone who wants to sell anything should keep it as basic and simple as possible.”

Dearnaley says fans at what is expected to be an 80 percent male-dominated event just want to know where to stay, eat and watch the games.

“All they want is to watch the game, drink ice-cold beer, eat good food and have a great night out,” he said.

So his message to anyone hoping to attract fans and grab a slice of the lucrative football market next year is simple: “If you want their attention, put up posters reading 'cold beer here' or 'live games'. Put up generic football images, flags and sell good food at affordable prices.”

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