Scab Villain takes Croatia defeat well

Let’s be fair, you can’t have much going for you when anagram makers dwell on your name for a nano second before shouting “Scab Villain”.

After his Croatia team were rolled over by England, the fun anagram aficionados can have with your moniker is presumably the last thing on Slavan Bilic’s mind this morning.

Generating implausible excuses which might go down well back home but are regarded as laughable by anyone with half a brain would seem more appropriate.

“They stole our magical yak” or “Our players all caught swine flu in London” might fit the bill nicely.

Instead, the refreshingly honest Bilic openly admitted his team were second best. “We didn't expect this in our worst nightmares,” he said.

“They were fantastic from the start. They played their own game and they looked the sharper, more aggressive side even before the first goal.”

“I would like to congratulate them for a fantastic performance.”

His team may not make it past the play offs but Bilic gets my vote for his cliche free approach to footy speak.

Here are the scores from last night’s other games:


Group 1

Albania 1-1 Denmark

Hungary 0-1 Portugal

Malta 0-1 Sweden

Denmark (18 pts) meet Sweden (15) in Copenhagen in October. If Portugal (13) and Hungary (13) draw on the same night, superior goal difference means the Danes only need a point to take the group.

Group 2

Israel 7-0 Luxembourg

Latvia 2-2 Switzerland

Moldova 1-1 Greece

More draws. Does no-one want to win this group? The Swiss have 17 pts, with Greece and Latvia on 14.

Group 3

Northern Ireland 0-2 Slovakia

Slovenia 3-0 Poland

Czech Republic 7-0 San Marino

Slovakia (19) are on the verge of automatic qualification. With one game to play, Northern Ireland (14) need a miracle or the Protestant equivalent to overcome Slovenia, who have two games remaining.

Group 4

Wales 1-3 Russia

Germany 4-0 Azerbaijan

Liechtenstein 1-1 Finland

Russia (21) and Germany (22) are still determined to keep this group interesting, even though everyone else gave up on it months ago.

Group 5

Spain 3-0 Estonia

Armenia 2-1 Belgium

Bosnia-Herzegovina 1-1 Turkey

Spain qualify.

Group 6

England 5-1 Croatia

Belarus 0-0 Ukraine

Andorra 1-3 Kazakhstan

England qualify. Woo-hoo.

Group 7

Romania 1-1 Austria

Serbia 1-1 France

Faroe Islands 2-1 Lithuania

This group will probably go down to the last matches unless the French (15) give up early and concede to Serbia (19).

Group 8

Italy 2-0 Bulgaria

Montenegro 1-1 Cyprus

A runners up place is probably already in the bag for The Republic of Ireland (16). Beat Italy (20) in Dublin next month and they might make this group interesting.

Group 9

Scotland 0-1 Holland

Norway 2-1 FYR Macedonia

Does this group deserve a runners up spot? No.

South America

Paraguay 1-0 Argentina

Brazil 4-2 Chile

Bolivia 1-3 Ecuador

Uruguay 3-1 Colombia

Venezuela 3-1 Peru

Paraguay qualify.

Argentina slip into fifth place. If it stays this way they will play off against the fourth placed team in the North, Central America and Caribbean group. So they should probably qualify anyway.

Asian Play-off 2

Saudi Arabia 2-2 Bahrain

2-2 on aggregate

Bahrain will play New Zealand in the Asia/Oceania Inter-Continental Play-Off.


Group A

Cameroon 2 Gabon 1

Cameroon now head the group. Roger Miller can relax in his armchair – for now.

North, Central America and Caribbean

Trinidad and Tobago 0-1 USA

El Salvador 1-0 Costa Rica

Mexico 1-0 Honduras

The USA lead the group on 16 points. One more victory should guarantee qualification.


Darren said...

After listening to the commentators on last nights game I'm going to support whoever are playing england. Listening to those wallys makes you realise why the likes of scotland dispise us. the usual 1966 waffle, how "now we have the team and the manager to go all the way" Croatia are a decent team but lets get realistic it wasnt brazil or spain we beat and it was at home where we must always be favourites. are the socceroors there as they are now my team?

Mike Towers said...

I agree with your references to the usual 1966 waffle. Last night's result needs to be put in perspective. But what's all this rubbish about supporting the Socceroos? You can't be serious!

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