Have you heard about Rik Mayall's World Cup song?

A giant of British comedy is to release a World Cup song next year – and it promises to give England a patriotic boost ahead of the tournament in South Africa.

Noble England

According to my sources ‘Noble England’ is a serious song which harks back to the days of Shakespeare.

“Football chants are one of the great traditions of following football” says Mayall “...and Shakespeare is also part of our national heritage. It seemed only natural that they should go together.”

Excellent; nothing stirs the blood more than a ‘Henry V French-baiting we put two fingers up to you at Agincourt, Waterloo etc’ song.

“We had to be careful to do justice to the language and not destroy the integrity of the passage,” continued Mayall.

“We think the song does just that yet still being fun and inspiring whilst capturing the nationalistic pride of the World Cup and the enjoyment of the greatest game on earth”.

Not a rubbish Vindaloo-type song

This is all very promising. Noble England certainly doesn’t sound like another mindlessly repetitive hammer-corks-into-my-ears-until-the-blood-runs-dry Vindaloo-type effort.

If it is I will summon an army and together we will burn down the offices of the record company responsible.

To be released by Motivation Records

To their credit, and presumably because inciting a mob of torch wielding loons wasn’t quite the effect they were looking for, the producers from indie label Motivation Records are also touting ‘Noble England’ as a rival to any 'official' FIFA World Cup anthem.

Thankfully there are no plans for Embrace to re-release their 2006 song There’s No One You Can’t Beat, which was of course hastily retitled There’s No One You Can’t Beat Except The Team Which Just Put Us Out when England lost.

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Visit http://www.nobleengland.com/ and find out how you can share a feast with Rik Mayall on St George’s Day 2010.

Come on you noble Englishmen!

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