England - Platinum Stars friendly preview

Today the eleven England players likely to star against the US in Rustenberg next Saturday will take on a South Africa league side. Let’s have a quick look at the build up to the game against the Platinum Stars in the UK press.

"We need to give a competitive match," said assistant manager Vilakazi in The Telegraph.

"We are not going to go there and not play. We know they have a game four days later in the World Cup but we have to give them some competition and we've been told to do that.

"We must not just let them walk over us. I'm sure they have not played many African teams before so we have to push it a little.

"It's to help them prepare and we will give them some stiff competition. But we will try not to injure anybody."

Defender Mbulelo Mabizela is scheduled to mark Rooney and “will give him a good game” according to Vilakazi.

"We don't really stand a chance," said Mabizela. "But we will not go easy on them. It's a proper game for us. We will get stuck in, believe me. The crowd, the people who come to the ground, will expect a game."

The Independent has additional comments from Mabizela: “The way we are taking the game means it will be tough. We have just finished a close-season break so really we don't stand a chance. But going there, rubbing shoulders with some great players, it will be great for us. We will not go easy on them. It's a proper game for us. We will get stuck in, believe me. The crowd will expect a game. They will want entertainment, it will be competitive.”

Goalkeeper Kapini also had words to say to the Daily Mail about Frank Lampard’s penalty taking.

"If there’s a penalty, I hope Lampard takes it. I always know when he takes a penalty where it is going."

Someone please tell me these quotes are just bravado.

The game kicks off at 3pm UK time.


csm said...

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Ali said...

don't worry, it is just bravado! we have nothing to worry about...unless Mbulelo Mabizela lives up to his word!

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