World Cup 2010 build up continues

Throughout World Cup 2010, in between match analysis and drinking, I hope to bring you some of the best news from around the UK and the world on a daily basis.

Regional papers here tend to have their funny or inspiring moments during World Cups. As luck would have it, today The Hull Daily Mail ran a story about how the local police intend to crack down on drink driving during the tournament.

I won’t bore you with the details (police on overtime shifts to stop drunken English fans killing pedestrians; comments from irate locals wondering out loud why the police aren’t putting a stop to real crime) and go straight to the point - an excellent comment from someone masquerading as a player who didn’t make the cut. Marvellous stuff:

Dear Hull Daily Mail readers,

As I unexpectedly have a few weeks free time I intend to travel to Hull and watch the World Cup games on the big screen in Queen Victoria Square.

I'm really looking forward to watching the games on your big screen. I just hope I'm not disappointed again.

See you soon,


T. Walcott, On holiday (but not in South Africa)

If you see similar examples in the UK or elsewhere, please let me know!

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