World Cup predictions for today’s Group G and Group H games featuring Portugal and Spain

Paraguay is emerging as one of the tournament’s potential dark horses – let’s see what they make of New Zealand in their final game; I can’t believe how poor Italy is; and Brazil don’t need a helping hand, but they got one or two last night – that said, sending off Kaka was a joke.

Portugal v North Korea (Cape Town) 12.30pm

I expect this to be a Ronaldo shotfest, the twinkle-toed moaner taking advantage of lax defending to shoot from all distances and angles. The odd thing is my Dad kept mentioning some match in 1966. No idea what he’s talking about.

Prediction: Portugal WIN

Chile v Switzerland (Nelson Mandela Bay/Port Elizabeth) 3pm

The South Americans are poised to head this group by late afternoon. The Swiss may well have over exceeded expectations already after beating Spain. At least that’s what their wily manager would have us believe.

Prediction: Chile WIN

Spain v Honduras (Johannesburg) 7.30pm

Prediction: Spain WIN

Who would have thought it? The favourites succumbing to the Swiss. It can’t happen again, can it? No.

The World Cup Bafana Bafana 2010 prediction success rate after yesterday’s games: 11/29

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