World Cup predictions for today’s Group E and Group F games featuring Holland, Cameroon and Italy

Congratulations to Slovenia for complicating Group C and giving England more cause for thought; what fool said Serbia were dark horses?; impressive stuff from the Germans. On to today’s World Cup games...

Holland v Denmark (Johannesburg) 12.30pm

Fancied by many as a good outside bet, it seems the Dutch are having a few moans before today’s game. That doesn’t sound like ideal preparation to me, but when you’ve the likes of van Persie and Sneijder in your side you can probably afford the odd gripe. The Danes will need to play out of their skins today to get anything from this tough opener.

Prediction: Holland WIN

Japan v Cameroon (Mangaung/Bloemfontein) 3pm

Top man Samuel Eto’o allegedly fell out with Roger Milla recently. It may or may not have something to do with an argument over the best way to celebrate a goal (wiggle your arse near the corner flag or set off on a lung-bursting run seem to be the only options). This shouldn’t stop the Inter striker giving Japan a torrid time.

Prediction: Cameroon WIN

Italy v Paraguay (Cape Town) 7.30pm

Since my attempts to predict the outcome of games have so far proved woefully inadequate I thought it was time someone else had a go (see link). The defending champions are not even being considered as potential winners this time around. This could take the pressure off them if they get an early goal. Don’t write them off just yet.

Prediction: Italy WIN

The World Cup Bafana Bafana 2010 prediction success rate so far: 3/8

Less than 50%. Must do better today.

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