World Cup predictions for today’s Group B and Group C games

Nice one South Africa; to Uruguay and the French Handball Team – sort yourselves out. That was terrible. If it was up to me I’d give South Africa and Mexico a bye to the knockout stage right now.

Let’s see what today has in store.

South Korea v Greece (Nelson Mandela Bay, Port Elizabeth) 12.30pm (all times UK)

There’s something about a World Cup which perks the South Koreans up just as everyone thinks they are rubbish. And they are, as my link explains, taking on a side led by a “Greek tragedy”. The stage is set for Park Ji-sung to help hawk more Man Utd shirts in South East Asia with a goal.

Prediction: South Korea WIN

Argentina v Nigeria (Ellis Park (Johannesburg) 3pm

They struggled to qualify under the erratic guidance of Maradona. Now we’ll really see what Messi and Co. are made of. Only a superb performance will see the Super Eagles of Nigeria take anything away from today’s clash.

Prediction: Argentina WIN

EnglandUSA (Royal Bafokeng, Rustenburg) 7.30pm

Boston Tea Party. The Alamo. Statue of Liberty. 1950. Sly Stallone in Escape to Victory. Blah, blah, blah. If England play well, three points should be secured. Much depends on how the US wants to play this one. Do they sit back and invite English pressure? Or will Bradley’s men take the offensive and leave a fragile defence exposed.

Prediction: England WIN

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