World Cup predictions for today’s Group A games

It’s the first day of World Cup 2010. Cue a month of predictions from me, some tongue in cheek and mischievous, others so accurate Channel 5 will soon run a special late night show all about my amazing clairvoyancy. They should call it “Another Show Our Drunk Gullible Audience Will Lap Up” but probably won’t. So let’s kick things off with today’s opening games in Group A.

South Africa v Mexico (Soccer City, Johannesburg) 3pm (all times UK)

The heart says I hope South Africa do well. Nobody wants the Rainbow Nation to be the first host not to make it out of the group stage. The head says Mexico are quite good and could tear the South Africans apart. The hosts need Steven Pienaar to have a good game and will hope the Mexicans can’t shoot. The truth is, they probably can and will.

Prediction: Mexico WIN (Don't worry, South Africans, you can beat France and get something from the Uruguay game)

Uruguay v France (Green Point, Cape Town) 7.30pm

The South Americans like to attack, so the French 2012 Olympic Handball Team can expect a tough test. Riot police are on stand-by in Liverpool, Glasgow, Boston, Kilburn and other parts of Ireland in case the baguette munchers get lucky again. I fervently hope they don’t.

Prediction: Uruguay WIN


Hywel Morgan said...

I think it's SA 2-0 Mex and France 1-0 Uruguay. For the group as a whole:

A tricky one for the host nation. Home support will be crucial. France’s recent record shows that they tend to crash and burn having done well in the previous World Cup. Winning in 98 was followed by a poor South Korea/Japan showing. Runners-up in Germany, I predict a flop. Uruguay missing from the world scene for some time may struggle. South Africa and Mexico to qualify.

Anonymous said...

South Africa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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