'World Cup Street' to start in June

A unique experiment in broadcasting is to take place during the 2010 World Cup. An entire street of 1966 England World Cup fans and their families goes 'live' during the tournament, giving the modern generation a taste of what life was really like in the Swinging Sixties.

Modelled on 'Blitz Street', the C4 programme which built a 1940s street and then bombed it back to the Stone Age, 'World Cup Street' features reconstructions of life in a typical English street throughout July 1966.

Tony Robinson of Time Team guides viewers through the ninety-minute episodes, each one focusing on England's group and knock out matches in the run up to the memorable final.

Highlights include the episode in which the Atkins family fall out because the baby has colic and Dad can't follow the commentary on the Argentina game.

Don't miss the episode where the local loner has one too many Stouts in the pub and picks a fight with a lamppost on the way home.

And of course there's the final itself, when everyone gets together in the street for a party during which a new family from what older residents of 'World Cup Street' call 'The Empire' is repeatedly snubbed.

'World Cup Street' also features men with handkerchiefs tied to their heads, policemen allo-alloing, two gangster brothers breaking heads, and hushed conversations about birth control.

It was a gentler, more innocent age. Find out for yourself when 'World Cup Street' starts on Channel 4 at 9pm on June 12th and continues until July 11th.

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Freddy said...

I think this is a really good idea. I look forward to it.

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