World Cup 2010 group-by-group review with a twist

In March this year I posted a response to an article by Ryan Thies of the Long Beach Post (California).

Ryan had a problem with England and wasn’t shy about expressing his opinions in a forthright manner.

“Why USA Soccer Fans Need To Start Hating England” pulled no punches. John Terry’s infidelities, the England team’s parade of divers and cheats, English fans and their jingoistic hypocrisy, Princess Diana: few escaped his wrath.

Well he’s at it again, only this time England isn’t the only team in Ryan’s sights.

I read the original article, quickly decided Ryan was trying to be provocative, and penned a response which said the article had rekindled my faith in the land of Woody Allen, Lenny Bruce, Bill Hicks and Saturday Night Live.

Then, in true World Cup competitive spirit, my response was equally forthright and insulting. You know the sort of thing, references to my surprise at the US having to play in the group stages, as they only usually turn up when most of the hard work is over, this absurd habit of calling the US team the USMNT (United States Men’s National Team) etcetc. All characteristically playful, as you would expect.

Ryan has since replied to tell me he thought the comparisons I drew between him, Woody Allen and Lenny Bruce were, as he put it, “hyperbolic”. I’m quite pleased by that, because most people use a different spelling of the world “bolic” to describe my writing.

He also wanted to flag up his latest project, a World Cup group-by-group review with a twist – the twist being Ryan sticks the knife into most of the 32 participating teams. Don’t take it too seriously; he’s only winding you up...


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