FIFA bans the Paradinha: a bit too late for this keeper

While FIFA is content to let the French Handball team get away with blatant robbery because the game can’t cope, so they say, with TV replays, the penalty manoeuvre known as the Paradinha or “little step” is apparently too much for the guardians of the game.

Just in case you don’t know, the Paradinha involves the penalty taker trying to fool the keeper with a false move. What a shame FIFA’s intervention was too late to prevent this keeper from falling over and breaking his arm after being beaten by what is now an illegal penalty kick.


Ben said...

They've only banned feints once you've actually reached the ball, you can still do it in the run-up. Top keepers will learn to expect the odd feint on the run up al la Ronaldo.

Also it depends on how the Refs enforce it. At which point does a run up feint become a kick the ball feint?

All seems a bit iffy to me - rather they'd just clamp down in keepers moving off their line.

Mike Towers said...

Thanks Ben. It's a typical FIFA cock-up. Announce a policy change weeks before a World Cup and then wonder why the new rule is interpreted in lots of different ways by different referees. Not clever.

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