Watching the World Cup through stupid glasses

You can’t move this morning without bumping into stories about the ESPN 3D service which is due to start with the opening match of World Cup 2010. Fabulous. I can’t wait to hold a special World Cup barbecue complete with 20 pairs of oversized NHS specs. My house will look like it’s hosting some obscure geek film convention minus the popcorn and Pearl & Dean adverts. Worse still, the nightmare vision conjured up here a few months back of Wayne Rooney scoring and then thrusting his Shrek face through my 32” screen will come true. OK, the technology won’t actually be available here in the UK until the World Cup, so we’ll be spared this horror for a while, but the question still remains: is this progress or another example of technology’s increasing stranglehold on the game?

Talking of which, here’s a fascinating article on how TV is changing the game. I urge you to read this.

Not content with taking on the Egyptians, it seems Algeria now wants to pick a fight with itself. It’s time for doubts, denials and dissension in the camp. Hardly the best way to start a World Cup year. I blame the Egyptians for this “disinformation”.

Here are some interesting findings from an Ipsos Markinor poll of 3,500 South Africans. Not surprisingly, the price of tickets to World Cup games “might be an inhibiting factor for South Africans”. It’s time this was sorted out.

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