World Cup terrorist threat to England?

As expected, the World Cup security threat story continued over the weekend. This latest report came from the same source quoted here on Friday, but with an added twist. It seems England’s games are no longer “potential flashpoints”. Read on to find out why.

That’s right, not content with identifying areas of likely trouble, our friends at Red24 are now going further, according to the latest report. They are now speculating about the mindset of terrorist groups and their possible targets. So what earth shattering conclusions have these security gurus come up with?

Al-Shabaab has its eyes on the England – USA game. How odd, a group linked to al-Qaeda contemplating a game between the two countries most heavily involved in the war on terror. And why is the latest Bin Laden franchise licking its lips at the prospect? The game is “a hugely symbolic target.” Thank whatever God you choose that these people put their experience to good use. The idea that terrorists might attack the England or USA squads had presumably never occurred to anyone else. I imagine the authorities will soon start putting plans in place to counter this growing menace. Well done Red24, you’ve really opened our eyes to the dangers which lie ahead.

This guy has an alternative take on the whole security story. “The danger we thus face is not the threat of terrorism from al-Qaeda but the threat of propaganda that is intended to tarnish South Africa’s image.” All of the negative press is designed to force South Africa to “to allow the establishment of a US military base within its borders.” There is precious little evidence and much to dispute here. Perhaps these people and Red24 have more in common than we realise?

According to the latest research, fans could spend over £6,000 following England to the final. Is it really that much of a surprise to hear we are sending tickets back?

Across the Atlantic, some of our American cousins might be reconsidering their travel plans after their side lost to Honduras over the weekend. I’m just kidding. This game was for players looking to be picked for the squad. We’ll see the proper US team made up of regulars take on the Dutch on March 3rd. Then we can begin to assess just how good you guys are.

The excitement is building as South Africa’s new stadia are finally hosting matches. Here’s what one fan thought of the game in Cape Town between local teams Santos and Ajax. USA Today also covered the event, adding some useful local details and quotes.

And here’s a look at some top footy rivalries, courtesy of ESPN. Enjoy.

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