Possible ticket boost for England

Here’s an interesting report on the World Cup ticket situation. While England hasn’t sold its full allocation, demand from other European countries is so low that organisers may sell some additional tickets back to the FA if England progress to the later knock out stages. Read on for more.

The Telegraph says the failure to sell the original allocation is down to the poor appeal of the third place playoff match. Traditionally seen as a waste of time, England fans clearly don’t have much of an appetite for this fixture.

However disinterested England fans are in who comes top of the also-rans, it seems some European teams may be watched by very small groups of their own fans even in the group stages. OK, the Dutch are doing alright, but the ticket sales for Germany and Denmark are appalling. It would be interesting to see the figures for Spain and France before any further conclusions are made.

Whatever the number of fans at the tournament, one motley crew is determined they will see the newest invention. If the robots do win the World Cup in 2050 the chances of them using something similar to this are very high.

“At the 2010 football World Cup England will have good reason to fear the United States. They have not played each other in a competitive fixture for 60 years.” This is the dullest article I have ever read. I challenge you to find anything else written with such pedestrian joylessness. And no it’s not because of that 1950 thing, although the 1 – 0 shock is getting a bit tedious after nearly sixty years.

Finally, Paraguay forward Salvador Cabanas is reportedly in a critical but stable condition after being shot in the head in a Mexico City bar. Cabanas was the leading scorer in his team’s successful World Cup qualification campaign. Let’s hope he recovers soon.

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