2010 will be a World Cup year to remember

Welcome back to World Cup Bafana Bafana 2010, the site for news and views on the road to Soccer City.

It’s 2010 World Cup year, so in keeping with Fabio Capello’s low key approach the UK press has this morning decided to say absolutely nothing new about the tournament, squads etc. It won’t last.

Instead, to ease you gently back into World Cup news here is a selection of the more unusual stories I spotted during the holidays.

Some people aren’t looking forward to the World Cup in South Africa. In fact one group would clearly be happier leaving the country completely.

Attention iPhone fans – here’s an app which might actually come in handy.

Darren Bent is afraid of spiders. Peter Crouch is afraid of heights. Wayne Rooney is afraid of nappies. Only one of these statements is true.

We’ll hear lots more about vuvuzelas in June. For now there seems to be some debate about its origins, with one Tembisa resident claiming “I am the father of the vuvuzela”.

Here’s a negative view of England’s chances from our cousins across the Atlantic. They foresee an early exit.

The Twitter Cup begins. What a pointless idea, as I will soon tell followers of my 2010bafbaf Twitter feed.

When will the Soccer City stadium be ready? “Open drains, vast piles of rubble, and even the arrival of a nascent shanty town near the main entrance to the building site lent the impression of chaos. This is the side of South Africa’s World Cup preparations organizers don’t want the world to see,” according to World Football Insider.

The Daily Mail’s World Cup blog lads will travel over 4,000 miles in South Africa on their way to the final. Unless they crash somewhere.

Sepp Blatter has some explaining to do about a World Cup contract which went to “a company part-owned by the firm his nephew runs”. Intriguing.

The campaign to ensure England actually has a goalkeeper in South Africa is now promoting Joe Hart as the solution.

The man who broke Brazil’s heart in 1950 made an emotional return to the Maracana recently.

Bonzini™, Garlando, Roberto-Sport, Lehmacher Tec Ball, and Valley-Dynamo’s Tornado Table Soccer™. What are they?

Here’s the Yorkshire Post with its take on 2010. It’s really just a clever excuse to shoehorn in as many references to Yorkshire as possible but I like it.

Someone once said white South Africans don’t care about the World Cup. Not so, according to a new study.

Here’s what Landon Donovan should and should not do during his loan spell with Everton.

Come back tomorrow for more of the latest news and the return of the Best World Cup Players of The Decade series.

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