Capello injures knee with wild swing of left peg

You never kick a ball like that. The posture is all wrong. Get some welly behind it and stop the mincing. That’s what the caption to this photo of Fabio Capello should have said but didn’t. No wonder he needs a new kneecap.

One Mirror Football panellist wants fans to get as much respect as “sponsors, VIPS, marketing and media partners” in 2010. I’m with Brian McNally of the Sunday Mirror on this but you have to wonder whether it will ever happen?

Richard Dunne says victory in the Carling Cup will “ease the pain” of going out in the World cup play offs. Got over that quick, didn’t he?

Perhaps Dunne is part of some weird Guinness – Nigeria link up and doesn’t want to seem like a World Cup grouch. The Villa defender isn’t mentioned in this story but I think he’s lurking in the background somewhere.

Close down your computer and stick your fingers in your ears as the World Cup approaches. Expect more of this in the coming months.

Come back later for Best World Cup Player of The Decade Part 2: the 1950s. It’s not who you might think it is.

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