Pele on the 2010 World Cup

Pele has waded into the debate on security and the World Cup with what are being regarded as ill-advised views. So what has the legendary No.10 said and what does it all mean?

First, Spain are the team to beat. That’s fair enough but much will be dependent on a fit Torres.

Second, Pele reckons the attack on the Togo team will have an effect on security at the World Cup. Obviously the South African Football Federation wasn’t best pleased, especially as the country hosted Brazil in the Confederations Cup without any problems.

Third, he seems preoccupied with Nelson Mandela’s health: “The biggest worry at FIFA is if something happens to Mandela.” This is oddly cryptic. What does Pele know that we don’t?

While we’re on the subject of Brazil, a talismanic character who once singlehandedly seemed to be answering the ‘who ate all the pies?’ question while moping around in Southern Europe could be on the verge of a stunning comeback. At 29 Ronaldinho may take a final bow at the World Cup this summer. Find out why here.

And sticking with all things South American, here’s the Independent on Diego Maradona’s recent visit to Argentina’s World Cup base at Pretoria University's High Performance Centre.

Finally, it’s back to the Telegraph for an article by Henry Winter on the National Football Centre. “Everyone in English football should be ashamed that the motherland of the game does not have a crèche to nurture talent, a base to organise the sport properly.” Well said.

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