Why Henry should be banned from the 2010 World Cup finals

When the much respected Henry Winter takes aim, the target should raise its hands in surrender. Ironically, this is Thierry Henry in his sights, the owner of the hand which caused the problem in the first place. And here’s why he should be banned from taking part in South Africa next summer.

The video evidence debate has been given another shot in the arm this week by Monsieur Henry’s televised juggling exhibition. So what are the arguments for and against the use of technology to help referees take informed decisions?

This writer also has one or two things to say about the use of technology, drinking Guinness, footballing nicknames and anything else which randomly pops into his head. He even thinks the Irish will soon be after the referee. That’s ridiculous. They’ll get Henry first and then invade Sweden.

And as speculation about the World Cup draw pots grows, two reports offering contrasting visions of the likely pots have arrived. This American site has exactly the same teams in each pot as set here yesterday. For some reason, there are a number of differences in this analysis by the Daily Mail. According to them the African teams will be in Pot 3 with the remaining South American teams. We will find out which is closest to the truth when the FIFA Organising Committee meets on December 2nd, two days before the actual draw.

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