Beckham to Milan shock

This is of course the most heavily trailed story since the last time David Beckham moved to Milan from LA Galaxy. And the details are much the same as last time. The move will keep Beckham in shape. Milan gets a charismatic leader for a few months. Frenzied speculation about His place in the World Cup squad will be fed by Italian TV shots of our man taking free kicks and hugging Clarence Seedorf. WHEN WILL IT STOP?

It’s almost as if they hadn’t noticed until recently, then the news provoked a mass scramble to the engravers for some last minute touches. This is the announcement that The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (aka North Korea, aka paranoid half-starved nuclear fledgling wacko state) has finally acknowledged its team’s success on the football field. That or they think most are about to retire after years of service cleaning the Great Leader’s toilets.

Here’s what I understand to be the official FIFA trailer for the World Cup. Lots of shots of kids kicking a ball around before we move on to some of the best goals from Germany 2006. And it’s all accompanied by a hauntingly familiar soundtrack which begs one question: is Michael Jackson alive?

‘Soccernomics’ is the new book by football author Simon Kuper. Watch out for some of the most unsurprising “surprising” findings ever revealed in a football book. My favourite? “Avoid the urge to acquire players after big international tournaments because you are likely to overpay”. You can’t go wrong with this and other startling revelations.

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