Kaka says England are a threat in 2010

Kaka has some warm words to say about England as the Doha coffers filler approaches. The Brazilian legend has used this interview to single out two key players, though for contrasting reasons. Here’s what he had to say to The Guardian this morning.

In just over three weeks time the draw for the World Cup finals gets underway in Cape Town. At the end we will know who England are to play in the group stage and where the games will take place. Based on the other groups we will also have an idea of the teams we might face as the tournament progresses into its later stages. Of course a lot depends on whether we are seeded or not. Secure one of seven available seeding spots – the hosts get one automatically – and you avoid the likes of Brazil, Spain and Germany. While there may be some changes depending on the results in the play offs, the boffins at Football Rankings will explain how it all works very soon.

Whatever the nature of the draw, this journo thinks he has the answer to the problem of tired, over-committed players struggling to stay fit as the tournament approaches. Take them out of the FA Cup.

And here is an interesting article on the parallels between Germany and South Africa. The rebirth angle is a bit overblown – both still have their fair share of social and economic problems – but the links between the collapse of communism and the apartheid regime are spelled out quite neatly. Liberation from the past is, it seems, as much a theme now as it was in the early nineties.

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