How much will LA Galaxy miss David Beckham?

The absence of World Cup wannabee David Beckham might not affect LA Galaxy as much as fans and pundits have suggested, according to this article.

Sunderland’s recent freak goal against Liverpool, when a wayward shot cannoned off a beach ball and wrong footed keeper Pepe Reina, was widely condemned as an aberration. So how should referees at next year’s World Cup finals react to this story?

Not content with annoying fans everywhere with his perplexing mix of fabulous skills and grass hugging tendencies, Cristiano Ronaldo is now set to take on George Foreman with his own version of the sporting grill. I’m not kidding.

The debate on the legacy of the 2010 World Cup for South Africa continues, courtesy of a new diary from The Guardian.

And as Bosnia prepare for the World Cup play off games against Portugal, ESPN talks to coach Miroslav Blazevic about a player who escaped with his mother and sister to Holland during the conflict which ravaged the Balkans from 1992 – 95. Sadly, Haris Medunjanin’s father was killed, one of many reasons why Radovan Karadzic will probably never leave prison alive.

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