Leave Rooney at home

The much respected Henry Winter of the Daily Telegraph has a problem with Fabio Capello and his World Cup 2010 preparations. Wayne Rooney should not be on the plane to Doha to help “refill the Football Association coffers in a lucrative exhibition”, says Winter. And he’s right.

Here’s an interesting look at the football scene in New Zealand as the country prepares for one of the biggest games in its sporting history, the Asia/Oceania Inter-Continental Play-Off for the Right to Be Officially Known as World Cup 2010 Whipping Boys second leg.

Sticking with the southern hemisphere, Aussie fans are being warned about a fake website advertising tickets for Socceroos games. There is no truth to the rumour that suspicions were first aroused by trading standards officers spotting the words ‘Australia’ and ‘second phase’ on the fakes. None at all.

It wasn’t so long ago that Cameroon was facing the prospect of failing to reach the World Cup finals. Despite the slightly misleading headline – the only magician in this article is manager of rivals Gabon – the Lions’ coach has worked wonders since taking over.

“Tiebreakers”. A “series” of games. Aaaaarghhhhhh. Welcome to CBC Sports and an article on the World Cup play offs.

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