What have we learned from the Confederations Cup?

Several things, in no particular order:

South Africa can host a major football tournament without a breakdown in law and order.

Brazil and Spain will probably do OK, but the latter need a Plan B when Plan A (pass the opposition to death and Ole! Ole! Ole! your way to a stunning victory) doesn’t work.

Italy’s glut of strikers with two left feet will hamper their attempts to retain the trophy. Either that or they’ll have a major corruption crisis and pull together in time to win it again (see 1982 and 2006).

Both South Africa and the USA have made early bids for ‘plucky outsiders who might cause a few upsets’ status.

Swarms of angry bees will invade every stadium. At least that’s what this sounds like:


And if the Lions tour is any guide, sales of Rorke’s Drift tunics, hats and t-shirts will go through the roof next summer. At least they’ll do better than novelty items referring to the crushing defeat suffered just hours earlier at Isandlwana.

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