The best World Cup goals

If it wasn’t for the pointless narcissism and erratic production values I’d petition the government to attach wires to the head of every adult in the UK and feed 24-hour YouTube coverage into their otherwise befuddled heads.

Obviously I can’t do this, so the next best thing to do is mention footy highlights I recently spotted on a blatantly transparent trawl. You may not agree with these choices, but here are some fantastic goals from the history of the world’s greatest sporting tournament:

Del Piero wraps up the semi against Germany with this extra time beauty in 2006. The other one wasn’t bad either.

Bergkampf’s winner against Argentina in 1998. Worth it for the commentary alone.

Owen takes his bow on the world stage.

The second one against England in 1986. The first is criminal, but this is still superb.

Gemmill for Scotland in 1978. I'll never tire seeing the locals lap this one up.

Gerd Muller and the second goal in the 74 final. Class from one of the greatest ever strikers.

Gerson’s screamer from the 1970 final. The last goal was brilliant showboating. This was genius, and looks even better from behind the goal.

1966 and all that. This one put England on the way to the final.

I’m sure I’ve missed a few, but this is all a matter of personal choice. And yes, I will get around to finding footage from earlier tournaments in Chile, Sweden, Switzerland and Brazil. Anyone looking for film from France (1938), Italy (1934) or Uruguay (1930) thinks I have too much time on my hands. Talking of which, here are some people who actually do have too much time on their hands:


All hail the marvellous Sean Lock.

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