Early qualifiers for next year Pt 1

Here’s the first part of the World Cup Bafana Bafana 2010 quick guide to those teams who have bookmarked the Ibis South Africa website and are already looking forward to the Jo’burg equivalent of the continental breakfast:

The Netherlands

Seven games and seven wins; 16 goals scored and only two conceded. Let’s not get too overawed by these stats. Their group included FYR Macedonia, Iceland and an Archie Gemmill-less Scotland, and he gave up scoring goals against the Dutch after that one back in 1978. The Oranjes are a good outside bet for next year but will have to do more than beat former Yugoslav republics and bankrupt rocks in the North Atlantic.

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Kevin Jones said...

My prediction is that the Dutch will qualify second in their group, then beat, say, either England or Germany (or the like) after extra time in the next round, before losing to an obscure team (no, not Scotland, not that obscure) in the round after that...

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