World Cup 2010 trash talk competition continues

Here are some more early World Cup 2010 trash talk competition entries from Algeria and fans. Ex-Charlton centre back Madjid Bougherra says Algeria play with heart and can beat England. He’s entitled to his opinion, of course, as are the fans who regard these comments as a heaven sent opportunity to have a go. The tournament is still six months away. What are these people going to be like when the action starts?

Another of South Africa’s new stadiums is now ready for the World Cup. The Mayor took great delight in leading the opening ceremony. All seems well. At the same time there are lots of reports doing the rounds about potential white elephants left empty after 2010, and a new documentary claiming “South Africa has wasted resources on the World Cup” was recently screened in Cape Town. Does anyone know what the real truth is?

Argentina has won the first battle of the 2010 World Cup heavyweights, according to one report out today on training centres in South Africa. While “The FA's first choice was the University of Pretoria's high performance centre” we have had to settle for Royal Bafokeng instead. Why? “Despite the fact that Argentina qualified more than a month after England, they benefited from being one of the first teams to visit the country and they made sure their ambassador kept the [University of Pretoria] option open while Maradona's team struggled to qualify”.

Most coverage of Michael Ballack’s comments on Germany’s chances next summer focus on a supposed lack of depth in the German squad and the tough group matches they face. Not many commentators pick up on Germany’s big game mentality and their unerring ability to grind our results. Except this one.


Everton Mike said...

The Germans greates quality is they stick to their game plan and play well under pressure. The Germans wait until other, more talented, teams get nervous, feel the pressure or start panicing then floor them with a German style knock out punch. Normally involving penalties or late goals.

Mike Towers said...

Yep, that's the danger

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