England fans face struggle for World Cup tickets

England fans are in for a raw deal on World Cup 2010 tickets, according to The Telegraph this morning. While the report goes on to say the demand for tickets this time around will probably be lower than 2006, mainly because of the increased costs involved, the Football Supporters’ Federation believes the lessons of 2006 have been forgotten. Then their “Tickets for Fans not Sponsors” campaign raised awareness of the problems many ordinary fans faced in getting hold of tickets. They need to do the same for 2010.

It’s time to unveil the first entry in the official World Cup Bafana Bafana 2010 Trash Talk challenge from the States. I can’t resist saying this would work so much better without a picture of a half-empty stadium.

Talking of the States, Landon Donovan will almost certainly be loaned out to Everton soon as part of his plan to stay sharp ahead of next summer’s games. Everton’s New Year games will be something of a baptism of fire: Arsenal (16th Jan), Manchester City (27th Jan), Liverpool (6th Feb), Chelsea (10th Feb), Manchester United (20th Feb), Spurs (27th Feb). I think someone should tell him.

And is this just an excuse for Australia to mention New Zealand’s lowly world ranking? Probably.

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