Stiff task ahead for World Cup 2010 pun writers

Is it just me or is this report on England players and Viagra, which could apparently help the squad cope at altitude, merely an excuse for puns about erections? It reads like something out of Viz, says one reader.

The report also has bad news for a contingent of lovely looking thin women hoping to top up their tans on the beaches around Cape Town and Durban. There are “certainly no plans for the players to take it in South Africa at the tournament”, deadpanned an FA spokesman, inadvertently giving the WAGs another reason to stay at home next summer.

It was of course inevitable that the subject of penalties would crop up once England players started missing them. Here the Telegraph sets out to soothe already frayed nerves by reminding us how often England lose penalty shoot outs. Cheers.

Brazil to beat England in next year’s final, says report. On penalties. OK, don’t rub it in.

How much do you really know about the official 2010 World Cup ball? The Guardian has some graphics, arrows and a comparison with the +Teamgeist, the official ball of the 2006 tournament. Which you probably knew already.

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