Looking ahead to World Cup qualifiers in September – Part 1

For the next twelve days World Cup Bafana Bafana 2010 takes an occasionally wry look at World Cup qualifying fixtures in early September. Well, I say “wry”; on Day 9 I might just have a belly laugh at the expense of our Scottish neighbours if the mood takes me.

Europe: Group One

Albania and Malta only have one game each left to play, so we can forget about them. Substitute nine for one in that sentence and you’d sum up how most pundits felt about the chances of either qualifying – ever.

This group is of course a four-horse race between Denmark, Hungary, Portugal and Sweden. All that could change when the next set of games take place on September 5th.

With 16 points now, the unbeaten Danes take on Portugal in Copenhagen knowing a win will leave Ronaldo’s mob ten points behind.

If Hungary beat Sweden on the same night they will go to 16 points, with the Swedes staying on nine. Portugal will probably then have to beat Hungary twice and hope the Magyars also lose against Denmark. Sweden, on the other hand, face the whipping boys in two of their remaining three games. Beat Hungary in Budapest and they might be in with a chance.

Forthcoming fixtures:

September 5th

Denmark - Portugal

Hungary - Sweden

September 9th

Malta - Sweden

Albania - Denmark

Hungary - Portugal

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